Actor, Writer, Director

Paul Sampson suffers from a rare Hollywood condition called terminal success. With his talents featured throughout the spectrum of film and creative entertainment, Paul's skills are bred from responding to opportunity with a dedicated effort toward personal growth. When the availability to present talent opens, Paul has the tools to fill the need.

Paul began his training in Voice and Movement with Bernard Rheele of the New England Vaudeville. Since then, he has trained one on one with legendary "Old Establishment" greats including Carlton Coyer of Trinity Repertory and New York City's Donald Buka and Liz Dixon.

Paul's stage debut was as Kris Kringle, in the third grade, where he awed the audience; not for his performance, but due to his wearing of the heavy Santa suit and itchy beard for two full acts without crying or soiling himself. Truly an unheard of feat for a boy at the tender age of seven.

Over the years Paul has carried roles ranging from slapstick to psychotic killer with equal adeptness. Whether playing the the cop, the heavy, the comic relief, the town hunk or the mentally challenged; his strong emotional range, comedic timing and dramatic physical presence have resulted in dozens of commendable stage performances. A clear noteworthy mark in his body of works has been his ability to play and receive rave reviews in multiple roles in two different stage productions of Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"; one where he played George Milton and the other Lennie Small.

Paul made a seamless transition from stage to screen and has both starred and supported in many independent and studio level feature films. His work has been seen worldwide. He maintains the ability to jump from leading man to character actor and back effortlessly and convincingly, working alongside a long list of well known and respected industry artists.

Another field that Paul has attained excellence in is writing. He has established himself as a prolific screenwriter in which several of his screenplays have ben nominated and awarded on the independent level (i.e. "Victory Rose"). Paul also co-wrote and co-starred in the buddy-action film "Whacked!" This film was not nominated for anything, but hey... they can't all be gold.

For Paul, having writing and starring credits in a movie is not unfamiliar territory. However, he has recently reached a new milestone. In addition to writing and starring, he has also produced and directed the film "Night of the Templar." The story is an original concept in which a Medieval Knight returns after 700 years to exact revenge on the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him so long ago. In addition to Paul's lead performance, the feature also stars some of his dear friends and fellow actors. Norman Reedus (Walking Dead - Boondock Saints), Max Perlich (Blow), Udo Kier (Blade), Billy Drago (Untouchables) and David Carradine (Kill Bill) help round out the cultish film's cast of colorful characters. Now complete, Paul will return to solely acting for a while (he needs a break).

Paul's piercing blue eyes, charismatic good looks and raw intensity have inspired Lou Valentino, author of the Hollywood coffee table book Those Lips, Those Eyes to describe Paul as "One of the most exciting new talents of his generation."

Presently Paul is single and divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City. He remains adamant concerning his self-improvement. In his limited spare time, Paul stays active taking classes both theatrically and scholastically, as well as in kick-boxing and physical conditioning. Paul proudly holds an MBA in Finance and is a member of the Actor's Equity Association (AEA), SAG-AFTRA, and the Writer's Guild of America (WGA). He also carries a United Kingdom passport, a United States Passport, A European Community passport ... and a library card.

Paul spends most of his downtime at home in his favorite room, the kitchen. Contrary to the palates of his now ex-friends and neighbors, however, Paul still considers himself to be a gourmet cook.